Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Case of 500 #000 4x8 Jiffylite Kraft Self Seal Bubble Mailers

Case of 500 #000 4x8 Jiffylite Kraft Self Seal Bubble Mailers

Jiffy Mailer® Products

Cushioned Mailers
Jiffylite® Mailers

Jiffylite® air cellular cushioned mailers have outstanding shipping protection for a wide range of semi-fragile, low profile items. They contain a 3/16 inch Barrier Bubble® layer of Bubble Wrap® material that provides maximum air retention and cushioning power.

* Lightweight for postal savings.
* Seamless bottom affords additional cushioning protection along with greater overall strength and safety.
* High-slip AirCap® cushioning material allows faster, easier product insertion.
* Fully laminated kraft and air cellular construction provides outstanding stiffness and puncture resistance.
* Convenient self-seal closure saves labor and eliminates the need for staples and tape, while forming a water-resistant, secure package.
* Satin gold kraft exterior presents a quality image and makes an excellent surface for custom printing.
* Made from 100% recycled content.

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